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E-counselling online support

Some people find it hard to speak with a counsellor on the telephone, never mind face-to-face. This can be for a variety of reasons including shyness or embarrassment, mobility or transport problems or difficulties with finding time for a face-to-face session. Some people just find it easier to put their thoughts and feelings into writing.

E-counselling is a relatively new form of counselling that takes place via email to explore any personal issues. It can work in many different ways, though usually would involve a set number of emails each month, for example, once a week.

During the first few emails, you will establish with your counsellor what you want. You may find that just one email is enough to reassure you or help you or you may agree with your counsellor that he or she will send you an email once a week in response to whatever you send via email during that week. You can send your email whenever you want, but you will probably get a response on the same day and same time each week from your counsellor.

It is available to anyone with access to email, though you may wish to ensure your email account is private and secure i.e. no-one else can access it.

If you think you would prefer counselling support via email please email us at:


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